Keeping up with alerts and I am surprised that more people haven't noticed what is going on with the food industry

Hello Steve,
Keeping up with alerts and I am surprised that more people haven't noticed
what is going on with the food industry. I work for one of the big chains
and the prices have almost gotten to the frog boiling point. People have
been noticing the higher bills for about a month now, but they have been
rising for months...significantly. I work in an area where most of the
customers can afford their food it has probably taken longer
for them to realize the issue.
What most concerns me, however, is what is happening to produce. My friend
bought a tomato in February. It finally began to change appearance in late
April, when I took a picture of it. Up to that point, it looked as good as
the day she bought it. Then, about 6 weeks ago, I noticed some strange
things in my oranges. There were these long rice-like things in the bottom
of the orange when I cut it open...they would be hard and when I pressed,
they 'melted' and the oranges were like they had been dried out and were no
longer firm inside. I have been looking at them lately, and not buying
them, because the bottom from the outside is a strange, plastic-looking
color and consistency. Add to that the avocados from big box store. Got a
bag 2 months ago and a couple of the avocados were not good. Same with
next bag. A couple of weeks ago, most were bad. They have different
issues. Some look very ripe, but will not separate from the seed and have
some of this: the avocados have black, stringy things in the top portion,
making them inedible. We addressed this last time we visited the store, to
get a refund. The gal said they had been bad like that for months and she
had quit buying them and she did not understand why the store kept selling
My son had purchased a pineapple last January, when I was visiting, and it
was dark green. I said I could show him how to pick a ripe one and he cut
it open and it was perfectly ripe inside....scary. They are very careful
how they feed their children and we had a discussion about it. I have not
been able to find a seeded watermelon for a couple of years now and could
always get them from Hermiston...I live outside of Portland. They have
been changing over to seedless to satisfy the demand from the retailers.
And, the reason your chips, cereal and crackers do not have bugs in them
anymore is because the repellant is in the packaging. My son challenged me
on this a couple of years ago, went in to his computer and came back into
the room "you are right." Shook him up a bit.
I asked a chiropractor friend how they kept the bugs off the organic
produce and he told me they spray crushed calcium on them...bugs die. As
an aside, a friend of mine took a lot of calcium for several years and when
they did her heart surgery, they had to remove a 5 inch blockage from
behind the heart. So, what is the effect of this calcium on our food?
Blessings on all of you, hope to see you this Summer and tell you some
interesting stories,


May 16, 2014

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