Alert!!! We must be getting close to financial collapse...VISA and JCPenney spooked when customers make moderate sized purchases

Hi again Steve,

We must be getting close to a financial collapse here in America. When I took my teenage son shopping for clothes...he outgrew everything he had. My Visa card was locked. Later I found out that Visa was investigating my purchases as fraud. Luckily the card is with a local bank and I was able to talk to a real person. I had to verify the purchases in person. I had to go back to the store and pay with my debit card as the Visa card was still locked pending investigation. I had problems getting the card to work after it was working again. I called the bank and talked to a real person and it was unlocked again. VISA continues to do this to our is a joint account with my husband. JC Penney called me one day to investigate EVERY purchases for fraud..all I was doing was taking advantage of a sale on can that be considered a fraud...unless they wanted to call it a panty raid. My husband and I have not experienced anything like this before....this really let's me know that the financial companies are watching everything in real time. They know where you buy..what you buy and how much you buy...there is no privacy left in this country!!!

The final point I would like to make is that Credit Card companies like VISA and GECRB/JC Penney are spooked and don't want to be holding the debt of consumers when everything collapses. By the way me and my husband have been treated by these companies is proof of that...we pay our bills and have had no troubles until now.

Just thought I would share.

May God bless you in all that you do Steve,

Jun 17, 2014

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