Chemtrails in London :Yesterday i have never seen it so bad where i live in Wimbledon.

Hello Mr Qayle
just thought i would mention the chemtails here in London. Yesterday i have never seen it so bad where i live in Wimbledon. We have had a week of really warm weather, for the last two days its been all of a sudden cold and cloudy in the morning and warm in the afternoon when the sun seems to get ahead of the Chemtrails and comes out.
Yesterday would have been a clear sky but instead big loops chem lines seemed lower and more obvious than usual it was awful and off course it spans out and the sky was completly covered. today clear skys now they are chem-trailing it looks like the meteor that hit russias tail except hundreds of them. If i am honest yesterday i went into a rage the things just make me so mad i want to scream. Its a constant reminder were under the tyranny of the new world order as they spray us like cock-roaches.
I am sure that when wimbledon starts "the stadium is about 1.5 miles away the chemtrailing will stop(unless they are making sure of clear skys and no rain " but normally there is a cease of chemtrails for the two weeks the tennis is on. last year they even had a no fly zone around it.
The queens cousin who in my opinion looks like gullum from the rings movies who is Elizabeths aid de camp(cappo in mafia terms) and the head of world wide Scotish Rite free-masonry runs wimbledon.
I have hardly seen a bee in weeks as the spraying is intensifying.
if anything makes me depressed its the spraying I have stocking up on chlorella tablets as they are the best natural detox money can buy.L.

Jun 18, 2014

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