Hi Steve,

I have emailed you before about my family being called out of the
mainstream church by the Lord, and our terrible experiences while we were
going to church.

We are bold for the Lord Jesus and proclaim His name to all we meet. We
have recently met a family from Iran, who have been here less than a month.
We have had dinner with them and spent a good amount of time with them. We
have witnessed to them continually. It seems they have no clue what their
government is actually doing, and say they as well as most of the Iranian
people love America and the west.

Their older sister just came for a visit and left to go back to Iran today.
Her younger sister who visits us often came to tell us her sisters husband
told her something that has him very upset. I have not heard about this
anywhere and thought you might be interested.

The husband said that their government has just shut sown the whole country
for 2 weeks. Every business and every dwelling is ordered to close. Every
citizen ordered to stay in their home. If they go out they are stopped by
police and will have to show their id and or papers. Her husband said they
are being told it is because the Arab leaders are meeting with their
government for the next 2 weeks, and that's all they were told.

This does not sound good to me,and the Lord absolutely put a knowing in my
spirit something is absolutely going down soon over there. He also layed it
on my heart to tell you this info. What do you make of it? She said the
people are very angry about it, but fear being arrested if they do not


Aug 31, 2012

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