Immigration Influx To Be Trained In FEMA Camps to be ISIS in USA

Today this thought came over me. Why are the borders being left open? These youths end up probably in FEMA camps with MS-13 Gangs and other government trainers, who will train them to hate America's system as their climb to prosperity will not happen in this economic climate fast enough. When the crash happens they will see no hope but to rape, pillage and steal. The govt planted trainers will promise them our property and possessions to kill us and confiscate our weapons. I saw for myself Jesuit infiltrators from Taze France seeking to befriend Native Americans of the ages from 18-35. This bothered me, since if you were doing mission work for a religion wouldn't you try to get people of ALL ages for membership in your church. They are not seeking religious followers but NWO ORDER ISIS fighters to be trained in Inquisition tactics against Patriots, Veterans, Christians.
Can't you see it, Obama is creating his ISIS army of killers. The Vatican embracing CrisLam, Kenneth Copland Embracing World Religious Unity with the Vatican, Ecumenicals moving into this same camp. The Bull Fighting Stadium in Spain to become one of the world's largest Mosques, The First New World Church being built in Berlin to worship the O-N-E under CrisLam. (Look up and see who O-N-E is) The Powers of the New World Order are going to use ISLAM to do the dirty work for the New World Order. They are allowing ISLAM to spread unopposed worldwide why is that? All you have to do is follow the atrocities of ISIS in the Middle East to understand. Beheading Christians, Crucifying Christians, Burning Christians Torturing Christians, where have we seen this done before? The Inquisition in Europe!!
To fulfill prophecy this inquisition against Christians will spread worldwide and even into America. Also with the Northern Hemishere soon to be uninhabitable from multiple catastrophies, (Fukushima Radiation, YellowStone and the like) The plan of the NWO is to begin anew in the Southern Hemishere thus send many of that population up into the KILL ZONE to make more room for NWO new beginnings in the Southern Hemishere. Cases in point Bush family buying huge properties down there as well as Soros. David Rockefeller spends much time in Peru and Chile. They are staking their claims down there. The Operators of The New World Order are using ISLAM to recreate the INQUISITION for them to keep attention of the real powers behind this barbaric butchery!

Jun 26, 2014

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