About your ISIS Alerts (I work for a company implementing it)This starts with the activation and widespread use of NFC (near-field-communication) to make purchases and interact with businesses and storefronts through your smart phone or device

Hi Steve,

With the alerts you sent recently about ISIS I wanted to re-send you a couple of emails because I don't know that you received them earlier this spring. Both emails are below and contain internal articles at the company I work for talking all about the coming ISIS mobile wallet and payment system. I included phone models compatible with it so your listeners will know, and that is at the bottom of the second email.

Please share as much as you want below with your listeners, I would just ask that you keep my name to my initials, Here was my original first email to you back in March:

Hi Steve,

I meant to share this with you when it first appeared on our internal corporate site, but wanted to wait until it was a little more "old news" internally. I've felt blessed to work for one of the "lesser evil" wireless companies, but when this article about the new ISIS mobile payment system that we're helping implement my heart sank a little. You and Tom Horn, and I'm sure V probably already know about this, but here it is from official internal disclosure to employees.

This starts with the activation and widespread use of NFC (near-field-communication) to make purchases and interact with businesses and storefronts through your smart phone or device. Read in the article though "that's just the beginning.", and this lays the next major layer of groundwork for a cashless society. Having been in IT/Technology for almost 16 years now I know how few steps it is from NFC in devices to NFC in an implant or tattoo, and it's scary. But you and I know that the world will LOVE it, and that makes my heart sink even further.

Here's the article, and I've underlined some of the more disturbing parts:
T-Mobile Has Stake in New Company
By Dave Cash - Nov. 16, 2010
T-Mobile USA is partnering with AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless to build a national mobile-commerce network that aims to fundamentally transform how people shop, pay and save.

Isis, a joint venture, initially will focus on allowing consumers to use their mobile phones like a debit or credit card to make point-of-sale purchases. But that’s just the beginning.

“While mobile payments will be at the core of our offering, it is only the start,” said Isis CEO Michael Abbott. “We plan to create a mobile wallet that ultimately eliminates the need for consumers to carry cash, credit and debit cards, reward cards, coupons, tickets and transit passes.”

T-Mobile CEO Philipp Humm said Isis is an “exciting venture for T-Mobile.”

“We believe it will positively change the status quo in the payments industry, bringing new opportunities for consumers and merchants,” Humm predicted.

How Does It Work?

Isis will utilize near-field communication technology. NFC uses short-range, high frequency wireless technology to enable the encrypted exchange of information between devices at a short distance. The new system is being designed and built to include strong security and privacy safeguards.

Who is Involved?

Founding partners T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon collectively provide wireless services to more than 200 million consumers who will have access to the Isis service.

Isis is working with Discover Financial Services’ payment network, currently accepted at more than 7 million merchant locations nationwide, to develop an extensive mobile payment infrastructure for the joint venture.

Barclaycard US is expected to be the first issuer on the network, offering multiple mobile payment products to meet the needs of every customer.

What’s Next for Isis?

Isis is a separate company that will be independently managed from New York. Isis expects to introduce its service in key geographic markets during the next 18 months. The mobile-commerce network will be available to all interested merchants, banks and mobile carriers.

The name and visual identity for Isis was inspired by ideas from mythology and astronomy. In ancient Egypt, Isis represented both magic and simplicity – a combination that captures the wonder and ease that the new joint venture will deliver to the marketplace.

Jun 27, 2014

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