Below is a copy of an email I just sent to a gentleman who is fighting the installation of smart meters in Pagosa Springs. Many of us here are helping with this struggle. I know that as things are rapidly accelerating, that this probably won't have much effect, but ever since the White Stone Remnant Conference, I just can't be silent on issues any more. ( I was the 2nd person you and Pastor Lankford baptized). But I am no longer amazed when people just can't get past the "corporate line". Just sad and disappointed when supposedly intelligent people buy into it. I had to look up the meaning of "Tantalus" , which is the name of the smart meter being used in our area. Tantalus was a son of Zeus who offended the "gods" and who was sentenced in hell to stand in neck deep water, which receded when he tried to drink it and under fruit laden branches which also receded when he tried to eat. I think that using Tantalus as a name for this meter indicates that any kind of normal electrical rates or service will be out of our reach from this point forward and that food and water and any kind of a "normal" life are quickly departing. I have taken very seriously all your warnings over the years and the warnings of all the Watchmen. You are always in my prayers. Thank you so much for all that you do. You may use this any way you like.

Last Monday, 6/23, a lpea rep showed up out at the ranch where I am a tenant. He approached me and told me he was here to install a new electric meter. (I share a meter with my neighbor-I live in a very small cabin, and they have the big house next door. The landowner has a house about 1/4 mile from us on the hill. My neighbors have the meter in their name.) I asked him if it was a smart meter and he said no, just a regular meter. I then told him all the reasons he should NOT be installing a smart meter, citing years of research on the subject of emf, rf, radiation etc. He again said he was NOT installing a smart meter. Once again I asked if he was sure it was NOT a smart meter and he said yes. Finally I asked to see the meter, and as he was putting it in front of me, he said-see, I told you it wasn't a smart meter.
Four times he denied it was a smart meter. On the front of the meter in bold letters, it said Tantalus Smart Meter. Then I asked him if he was just illiterate and couldn't read, or if he was a pathological liar since he denied this was a smart meter 4 times!! Then I copied all the info on this GE made meter right in front of him. I told him--do you not understand that GE is in partnership with TEPCO-they are the ones who bullt and ran Daichi, Fukushima-the gift that will keep on giving death for hundreds if not thousands of years, and they built around 6 faulty nuclear reactors in the US which will soon have to be shut down. Why would you trust something made by GE who is obviously only in this for the money, and cares not for people?? I also said, you know GEs motto has always been-We bring good things to life-- now it should be--we bring all kinds of death to good people!! I then told him that we would be opting out of this installation, and that he had approached the wrong person, as I am not the landowner. By this time he was very rude and angry. He demanded to install the meter and I refused. After he left, I put notices under the meter and on the meter stating that a lawsuit would be filed if they went ahead and installed the meter since we were opting out.
I once again reiterated the dangers and he said it was not more dangerous than a cell phone. I told him in no uncertain terms that you can curtail cell phone use, but a smart meter broadcasts harmful frequencies 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year and is much, much more dangerous as the energy damages dna and causes huge health issues. Then he threw the smart meter back in his white jeep and yelled at me that I needed to get educated-not a smart thing to say to a well informed and feisty lady holding a skill saw in her hand and ready to use it!:):):) He left and went out to the end of the driveway and got out of his white jeep and was talking on his cell phone, probably to lpea for instructions on how to proceed. I got my binoculars and stood out where he could see me and watched him the whole time-about 5 minutes. Finally, he noticed me watching, and jumped back in the jeep and left.
I talked to my neighbors and brought them an opt out form, which they were supposed to sign and file with lpea. LPEA told them we would have to pay a fee of $50 additional a month for NOT having a smart meter. Now if someone was holding something harmful to my head, and demanded money NOT to hurt me with it, I could prosecute them for extortion. LPEA is practicing criminal extortion by demanding a fee NOT to install the smart meter. I told my neighbors that I would pay the fee just to keep the meter off this end of the property. My neighbors opted out but unfortunately, my uninformed landlord opted in even after I told him about the dangers.
Also some info I picked up on a radio show on the net-apparently there is a push on, not just in CO, but everywhere to make a huge electric congolomerate. Someone in Pagosa told a radio show host (Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show, while appearing as a guest on another program)that our electric company is trying to get together with another company to get this going and they are fighting it. I have no other info than this, but it's worth pursuing because the bigger they get, the more they will just try to bully us and ride over the top of us, raising rates and forcing smart meters.
Anyway that was my "line in the sand" last week. I have attached some important articles about smart meters and their dangers that you might be able to use in the city council meeting. I do think it's important to call their fee "extortion" because that is exactly what it is . Incidentally I signed the petition, and left a short but succinct message.
PS Normally I am a very polite and courteous person, but I make no apologies for being rude to this LPEA rep who lied and misrepresented what he was doing. I believe it's called "righteous anger".

Jun 30, 2014

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