Steve, Hawk, After reading on your site about Israel attacking known terrorist sites, and rereading brother Bob's vision. I looked at Hawks alerts..I took it to the Lord in prayer and knew that it is beginning...July 1, 2014 is the beginning of all the dire things that have been predicted over the years. So I went to Save A Lot and took the butcher a few alerts from your site. When he read about the Burger King closing due to lack of food. He looked at me and said that it did not surprise him, he did not get any beef on the truck and a few weeks back he could not get a certain cut of pork that the store had on sale. He looked at me and said it is getting worse, he told me that they want to crash the dollar I agreed with him... I told him about the prophecy that you had posted and the Rick Wiles spoke about last evening...I said , you see those oil fields burning get what every you can, gas, propane supplies try to do it now because once that happens you may have a very short window to do so. He promised me he will talk with his wife and do what he can. So I left that store and stopped at Food Lion ,which was on my way home they had boneless chicken breast for 1.99 and I wanted some for the 4th. I do have some in the freezer but I did not want to deplete what I had, I went to the meat section and did not see any, so I rang the butchers bell and he came to the door and said he has been out and the truck has not gotten there yet the truck was late. The Butcher said he won't know if any is coming in until he gets the supplies off the truck!!!!What I find odd was that I had called Save A Lot and Gary told me the truck was late, Gary's truck had no Beef, on the fourth of July weekend?Food Lion was out of Boneless Chicken Breast Fourth of July weekend ? Plus every bodies truck was late now don't forget the Burger King was so late it never showed.This is a heads up folks, go to your pantry's take a good hard look, baking soda is still 59 cents in some stores. Please don't forget the salt and sugar....GET WHAT YOU CAN.... CAN WHAT YOU CAN..Also all you ladies that can jam's and jellies,butter and cheese three different stores were out of jelly jars I got some at the Farm Supply I also picked up some extra scratch for the chickens. Oh one more thing that was very odd, my retirement check came 4 days early..I am not complaining it helped me get supplies but that usually doesn't happen unless the first is a holiday or on a weekend... .....My brothers and sisters in CHRIST, stay safe, stay alert, and as Hawk and Steve always say there is POWER IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS...Thank you my Brothers for all you do....Joy

Jul 1, 2014

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