I thought you might find this interesting or a-least an alert for anyone
living on the West Coast. A year ago last month I had been having extreme
pain in my feet, ankles and legs. My heels swelled so bad that they would
turn black and then crack open. They began bleeding internally and
externally. I tried everything possible to correct this and nothing worked.
It was so painful some days I could not walk. Finally last month I saw my
Dr and he said it was my Thyroid. I had blood test and he was right. Here's
where it gets strange. Last week a cousin cld my Mom and said she was
having problems with her feet. She was at the point she couldn't walk and
her heels where bleeding and had cracked open. Her Dr dx the problem as her
Thyroid and she too has been put on meds which seem to be helping.
Then....last week my Aunt is rushed to the hospital and they found a mass
in her Thyroid. She is waiting on the biopsy and with meds she is doing
well. What do we all have in common. All 3 of us live on the West Coast
(Calif & Ore) and our disorders happened around the same time. Fist thing
that comes to mind....Fukushima! God helps us and protects us! Thank you
Steve for all you do and may God bless and keep you and yours.

Jul 2, 2014

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