Time to Say Goodbyes : THE END IS HERE!

Hi Steve,

Thank you and give Pastor Langford, the Haggmans, Greg Evenson, Alex Jones, Sheila Zalenski, and all the others that have stuck their necks out to Uplift the Name of the Lord and get the truth out.
All of the work has been remembered and appreciated. You and the other's work left to do now are numbered in weeks not years.

POTUS Renegade greenlighted full-scale war on the American system and society. There is no turning back. No more prayers should be submitted to God to save this country, everything is already set in full motion. Use your prayers for the American people whom God is still working on and whom He wants.

Quick list of activations:

1. Libya, Benghazi, and weapons transfer to fake Syrian rebels (ISIS) was devised by the POTUS admin 4 years ago to build a well-armed army to stab Israel in the back. Billions of $$$ in American weapons were ordered to be left intact in northern Iraq by the Pentagon to allow ISIS to pick them up. Also, as you know, POTUS already sent Stingers and stronger to ISIS just a couple of weeks ago. The main reason Obama and NATO bombed Libya and then started a war in Syria was to secretly arm and fund a Muslim army to attack Israel. This is the breaking of the "Unbreakable Alliance" that Obama and Israel confirmed when Obama visited Israel in March 2013.

2. CIA, CDC, and WHO infected children in Central America through vaccination programs with several strains of anitbiotic and vaccine resistant pandemic-grade biological agents and are now allowing this silent weapon into the US and transporting them all over the country for the multi-pandemic false flag event. The multi-pandemic op mode was chosen because it is actually quite difficult to get one biological agent to reach pandemic levels and the multiple agents will add to the overwhelming and confusion of the healthcare emergency response infrastructure. They used children as the carriers!!

3. Most of the police and SWAT involved in all these brutal incidents on Americans the last couple of years are part of the super-soldier program. That is why there is no restraint by these police officers. Emotions and empathy have been designed, bred, and cloned out of them. They are the first trials of the already formed secret US hybrid army and are on standby NOW.

4. This is already known and talked about by you and others. POTUS admin started and is continuing to inflame the Ukraine civil war in order to put a hook in Russia's mouth and drag her into a war with NATO. This is part of the info of the Snowden Files that Cryptome will be releasing to try and stop this war. Also included is NSA data that implicates the US Govt. in 911. Greenwald's life has been threatened by POTUS over this. Greenwald is being handled, but he doesn't stay on the reservation. It was always planned, since before 911, by the powers to eventually let the info out about the US Govt. doing 911 as part of the killshot for America. This WORLD WAR 3 including the ongoing Middle East War is the False Armageddon that will be the cover and excuse for the planned economic collapse and ushering in of Antichrist - that was planned by Albert Pike and the Illuminati back in the 1870s. The powers have been following that outline to the letter ever since.

5. The foreign troops already in the US will administer the justice upon the US Govt. and will be used as the "peacekeeping" stabilization force to quell the American chaos generated from their government being takedown by the UN and IMF for crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the dozens of other countries the US Govt has continually bombed since 911. The powers decided to put on a show for the public by having US troops put up a token resistance against the UN/NATO force but that will be to add to the confusion that is about to beset America. Most military regiments are already commanded by hybrid officers and will meld with occupying UN/NATO forces to attack American militias and resistance groups during gun confiscation and population re-locaton operations.

NOW is the time for every Christian to be reading and praying continually so that God might make it so for us to escape some of these calamities ( not saying a pre-trib Rapture false hope) but we might be found worthy to escape some of these horrific things that are coming our way.

This is what we have been able to piece together with the info able to make it out. Maybe more info on the way and we will pass it on...

Jul 3, 2014

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