High Jump

Britain's Secret War in Antarctica
Operation High Jump and the UFO Connection
Russian documentary of war in the Antarctic between the U.S and Nazi Alien base
Two Large Lakes Discovered Under Antarctic Ice
Admiral Byrd's Secret Diary
The Saga Begins
Who Killed James Forrestal? Was There A Cover-up?
Nuclear Tunnel Boring Machine
Russia to Resume Vostok Drilling
Mysterious Under-Ice Antarctic Lake to Unveil Prehistoric Ocean World
Lake Under Antarctic Ice May Be Divided
Warning: Well in Antarctica May Pop Like a Can of Coke
Scary Secrets of the Third Reich’s Base in Antarctica
Antarctic Lake Yields Ancient Bacteria
Antarctic Lake's Secret Water
Was There a Prehistoric Civilization in Antarctica?
The Tragedy of Four Civilizations
The Policy Of Blood And Mysticism
Space Bug Specialist Killed in Crash
David Wynn-Williams: Applying the Lessons of Antarctica to the Study of the Stars
Operation High-Jump
USS Philippine Sea (CV-47)
The OMEGA File - Admiral Byrd And Operation High-Jump
The OMEGA File - Hitler Escaped!
The OMEGA File - Polar Defenses
The OMEGA File - Rudolph Hess And Secret German Space Base
The OMEGA File - German Submarines In The South Atlantic
An Underground Base in the Antarctica
The Vril and the Andromeda
A Battle in the Atlantic With 128 Submarines
Antarctica A Nazi Base?
An Ancient Saga
Exotic-Looking Microbes Turn up in Ancient Antarctic Ice
Thule, Vril, Nazis, and UFOs, and Hollow Earth
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