Hello Steve,

Forgive me for being vague and short.
Everything that you talk about is here and unfolding before my eyes
here in the high desert of Southern California and I do mean
everything. Every week It unfolds in some manner. Being that it is
in place here it is just awaiting a word or action to implement. It
is amazing the amount of people that choose the path of dud(I borrowed
that from you) and turn a blind eye to the truth. Jesus is being left
out of most everything here. There are different levels of awareness
but most of the time Jesus is left out. I am saddened at hearing
peoples willingness to what seems like to me turning their back on
Jesus in something as simple as agreeing not to say Christmas and
choosing the path of political correctness. It is apparent that hell
will be full of political correctness. Thank you Steve for being a
watchman. I have spent years searching for the truth and finally came
across you and your website. There are so many disinformation and
misinformation specialist out there. I had pulled myself out of the
501c3 churches long ago and got fired from one for not wanting to be
part of their plan. Jesus is my Lord and Saviour(sp) and it is coming
with a price gladly paid as Jesus is the way, the truth and the life,
as Jesus paid a price far greater than I.
Thank you

Dec 13, 2012

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