Dear Steve,
May your continued Service to our Lord strengthen you continually. I just
wanted to let you know how far you reach those who hope they are the
Remnant. The other day I walked into our (internet cafe/rec center)
here on our Base in Afghanistan, and as I walked past
our soldiers using the internet, I noticed several were on your site. I
needed to check youtube for an Ann Barnhardt link (Company computers block
YouTube). After veiwing, I stepped outside to the smoking area (dam vice).
I looked up in our clear blue skies to see the DAILY run of a four engine
jet spewing its Chemtrail. Several soldiers joined me and noticed my
attention to the skies...and one said "those bastards... if we don't get
shot, we are going to die from that", referring to the Chemtrails. Then I
recognized one them was on your site earlier. Being a contractor, I don't
normally engage in conversation with our soldiers, but this was my in...
"If it wasn't for Steve Quayle and the links on his site, I wouldn't have a
clue about those (chemtrails) things." The three of them just looked at me,
smiled and said "You know Steven?" I told him that I didn't know you
personally (laughing). They called you Steven, so I had to ask them why. I
was blown away by this 20s something soldiers response.
"We are considered terroists by our own government, and if we mention
Quayle, Steve Quayle, or even Steve whilel discussing the latest on his
site and the wrong ears hear it....well lets just say we don't need the
jeering or worse. So we call him Steven, from the Bible.

Silence... we knew what that meant...

We looked back up in the sky and three rows crossed the sky... and as if
too answer a silent prayer, the wind was blowing the rows of Chemtrails
away from our base towards open desert.

God Bless you Steven.


Jan 27, 2013

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