Steve I was at my end, feeling so lost I was scared where it was taking me. The devil, this world, my struggle with PTSD was making me think I needed to end it as I had NOWHERE to turn

I enjoyed you on Hagmann this past week. You have such a gift of words that have to be from above. I really wish you were closer... I wanted to touch base with you Steve and bare with me. Your a busy guy but this means a lot to me so I must express what I am feeling. Corny or not....

I realize your just doing the Lords work and you deal with hundreds of people on a yearly basis. Someone like me is yet another who came your way in a time of need. You do all you can and it is just part of who you are. But I dont think you realize the affect you have on us new believers in our daily walk, and specifically the affect you've had on me. Sure I was just a weekly listener taking a moment out of my chaos to listen and forget about my issues. But I believe he puts us all where he needs us. I felt led to ask you for help not even knowing if you would respond. You did. But more so you reached back and within days helped change my world even if it lasts only a few weeks. Your help gave me the push I needed to not just get things on track, but more so to wake up. Steve I was at my end, feeling so lost I was scared where it was taking me. The devil, this world, my struggle with PTSD was making me think I needed to end it as I had NOWHERE to turn. Even my family God love them has there own issues but after all this time knowing I am waiting on my SS hearing they didnt mind where I had fallen. But you reminded me there are brothers out there bigger then blood family. Brothers that wont let me give up because God has a plan for me too. I have been fighting this since I left police work thinking when the battles come I will get better and be in the front of the line to fight. I have ten years of training and experience in resolving peoples chaos. So sitting here I started prepping and waiting for my time. The hard part is sitting here waiting so long for my hearing with nothing left has shut me down. I was alone with my dog in a tent even though I have two beautiful children who needed me. I never thought I would end up where I am, never....So to say thank you is not enough. If I was in a better way I would find a way to visit and shake your hand.

I also know your a guy who doesn't need constant thanks and appreciation. The story you told of a man you helped who turned on you a couple weeks ago makes me sick and reminds me time is close. If I had even a few minutes with him I would tell him hes a fool whose playing with fire and not to mess with Gods chosen. You have a tactically trained man in me who would have your back in anyway I could. The Lord wants us to be good to others and help in anyway we can but in these END TIMES the devil has taken over those who are evil and we must defend ourselves against those attacks. Sure we have our Armour of God on but one day we may have to pick up a sword to defend those who are unable to defend themselves. I always considered myself a street soldier for the Lord way over just being a detective for a City or state.....He put me in places in my life to share his word yes, but at times to literally fight the bad guy who wants to devour poor helpless souls. What hurts the most is I have been down on my luck the past several years and unable to work on the streets but I think he needed me to take a step back. I did that and when the battles come I will have a purpose and will once again fight evil for good. God has a purpose for us all but Watchman like you will lead us in battle both spiritually and physically.

Wow I have rambled on and repeated myself but I cant type enough words of gratitude and know I am here for you on any level. I am set this month and will make it work and with prayer I will make it to my hearing, get the finances resolved, and Join the fight and put all the chaos behind me. My plan is an RV and travel to help anyone I can anyway he sees fit. I hope one day we can meet and maybe the spirit will give you a word on where I can best serve. That is how much I think of you and what your doing. ED-- SQ NOTE -ALL HAIL THE POWER OF JESUS NAME

Feb 28, 2015

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