U mentioned and focus many times only about Jesus warning people that caught my ear & heart.

Hej steve,
I am a malaysian Chinese living in sweden. Even i am christian i dont attend church.

2013 my girl friend in malaysia recommended me to you. I was curious&keep on listening over&over again all your program till today. What u said i never ever heard in my life even i am in mid-50s.

How ignorant&naive. Bible said people perish lack of knowledge. Recommend my swede husband to listen. He same age as u. He was jealous that i was talking & admiring a man like u. Humble, Intelligent, successful, american loves Jesus.

God resist the proud. Pray God will raise more & more god fearing anointed watchman like u all over the world.

Before i did not know&never heard there is a watchman calling or ministry.

Oneday while i was listening holy spirit said he has a listening&discerning heart to his voice, speech&words. He not only loves Jesus but he knows my heart & at the cutting edge of what I am doing or going to do. For my heart is for lost souls.

U mentioned & focus many times only about Jesus warning people that caught my ear & heart.

Since then had never stop listening wherever u are speaking. Now my focus in life is waiting & longing for the coming of our Lord Jesus

Thanks so much for recommending Derek prince, David Lankford sermons. Had been bless, delivered&set free.

Asking my friend to download all their messages.

Pls dont give up & stop doing what God has begun&call u. Again u been a blessing

Our Father&Lord Jesus together with Holy Spirit be with u & family

Would love to meet u oneday but i don't think it is possible.

U such respectable, successful, famous & busy man.


Apr 14, 2015

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