Listener's Life Changed by Listening to Hagmann-Hagmann show.

I was sitting at work about 2 months ago and I accidentally stumbled across one of your programs on the Hagman report. I started listening to the program and I can't remember which one it was but I just wanted to tell you that y'all have changed my life. Since then I have listened to many of y'all's shows. I work shift work in a control room for a pipeline company in Houston and I am a true believer and listener to what y'all are saying. Steve I have been telling people for 4 years now that they had better start preparing for what is happening and it is disheartening how people respond to that. Steve I just want to tell you alittle on how I feel about everything that is going on and what is in our near future. What scares me the most is how I'm going to protect my family. I know and honestly believe that God is the creator of all things and that he will be victorious. I don't fear death because I know that in that time I will be headed to our true home in heaven but I'm terrified of what I could be leaving behind and what would be in store for my pregnant wife and my 3 yr old son. I try to make the proper preparations and I just feel like the walls are closing in and there isn't enough time.
Steve I just wanted to reach out to you and just tell you that I appreciate what y'all do and please don't ever stop reporting the truth and God's word. I know that you are very busy and get flooded with emails everyday and all day and I just want you to know if you do stumble across my email that y'all are truly touching people lives and that when it seems that there is no hope in the American people, there are people like me that y'all have brought back to Jesus Christ and that y'all are making a difference. Thanks again!!

Dec 14, 2012

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