TO ALL THE SAINTS OF GOD WORLDWIDE: As we begin a new day....I am forced to reflect upon the thoughts of others about the tragic events of yesterdays school shooting. The horror of it can never be expressed into a pure form of words that can completely describe the evil that takes place in ones heart. Equally we need to realize we are living in very evil times......the middle east is a hot bed of hatred and war is imminent, countries are rioting because of the
evil of bankers, politicians an bribes galore, the US is facing financial collapse, drought is effecting food crops world wide, earthquakes erupt daily on every continent, volcano's are erupting that have not be active in hundreds of years.

For believers we must remember that JESUS CHRIST warns us in Luke 21-25-28 to keep our eyes open for the signs of Christ's return. We are in the birth pains and it only takes one to open your computer screen and do a headline search to confirm the evil that is all around us. What will it take for believers to see we need to be on our knees for the lost and broken. We can not believe that someone would do such a thing as to kill the innocent but looking back in history when a civilization starts to break down and there is no absolute truth or moral code. then how can you expect law and order to be followed. History is replete with horrific events of how barbaric and wicked man can become. Back in Israel Jeremiah 19: 4-9 recounts how the innocents was slaughtered and their children eaten.

Our Politicians are corrupt and lie to us daily, our law officers are found breaking the laws, we have thrown out God from our law books, our pledge and our lives. God tells us in Isaiah 5 :20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, we must be watchful and be aware of what is coming.

I find it difficult to understand those who call themselves believers and seem to except what is going on in our world as this is just the times we live in but will wait in long lines with great anticipation to see the newest TWILIGHT MOVIE, which is not about LOVE but about PURE EVIL and we stand by and justify that behavior . So when we see gunman shoot the innocent how can we become so horrified, it is on the TV screen, Movie screens, in our books, video games and all around us.

At what point do we do we stop thinking about ourselves and our newest photos our newest IPhones, IPads, I everything. I am sure that this is just vomit before a Holy God and He must have to close His ears from being bombard with such selfishness.

When do we STOP and fall on our face and confess our sins as a nation and seek repentance from God so that He can hear us and heal our land. When was the last time we thought like that.......or even prayed that way.

May God forgive us for we have all fallen short of the Glory of God. Please Lord Jesus let us repent and seek your favor once more. Amen

Dec 15, 2012

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