My name is Grant and I wanted to tell you and give thanks to you for
being an influential part in my journey to knowing Christ. I'll tell you a
little about myself and how this came about. I'm a veteran currently going
to school to learn how to weld. I was in the army for five years with 3/509
IN (ABN). I was an 11B automatic rifleman and team leader. To be specific I
carried the M240B machine gun.Then in the later years was in charge of
deploying the M240B. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2009-2010. I got out of
the Army in January 2012. How this all starts is me becoming a libertarian.
I started listening to shows like Alex Jones show, coast to coast and other
shows like that, because I was pissed off at the federal government for
labeling me and my comrades as potential terrorist. At this point God was
the last thing on my mind. Being in the military especially the infantry,
as you can imagine we were pretty wild bunch of guys and we could party
with the best of them. Alcohol, sex and fights were normal for us on the
weekends. Now I was raised in a good home my parents are divorced, but that
happened when I was 1 year old and I'm 29 now, so that's really all I knew.
They are both remarried and have great spouses. My father and mother are
both Christians now, but I did not want to hear anything that they had to
say about God. It's strange, when they would talk about God I would get
very angry from them trying to discuss religion or God with me. I just
didn't want to hear it. Well I went through my normal routine of drinking
excessively, a little drug use from time to time and having sex with
different women on a regular basis. What else could a single guy want
right? I have always in the back of my mind wanted companionship and I
thought maybe a female would do it for me, but it didn't. So as I said I
was listening to all these different radio shows and I heard you on Coast
to Coast one night talking about giants. This really intrigued me, because
I remember the story of David and Goliath growing up. So I start doing more
research. I basically found every you tube audio clip of yours I could find
and listened to it. Then you mentioned, the book of Enoch. Well I know that
book was not in the original canon of the church and that actually was one
of my major problems I had with Christianity, not to mention all the
corruption throughout the centuries. I guess I thought that the church had
left the books out of the bible to benefit them monetarily, so why would I
want to profess to be one of these people when their whole agenda is
control and money. In my eyes they were just as bad as the international
banking cartel. Well the more I listened the more you made since to me.
It's like you plugged in all the missing information that normal Christians
don't have or even believe for that mater. I went from listening to you on
the subject of giants to listening to you speak about everything. I started
not to become angry when my parents would discuss the Lord with me. Now I
still would not say anything to them about it, but I wasn't yelling at my
dad about even bringing the subject up. Well where I changed and broke down
was one night I was listening to the Hagmann and Hagmann report on you
tube, and you were talking about a how our society had become so centered
around sex and the wickedness of it all. Well deep down in side I knew how
I was living my life was wrong. I guess that was God showing me the error
of my ways. I started crying. Now, for a former paratrooper that carried a
machine gun in Afghanistan, you would have been hard pressed to get me to
cry about anything. Maybe a tear or two if one of my comrades had been
killed, but that's it. Well, I got down on my knees poured my sin out to
God, trying to figure out why he forgive a man that was an alcoholic, who
had murdered people for his country, slept with countless women, used drugs
from time to time, beaten peoples faces to a pulp for reason I couldn't
even remember once I sobered up. I cried out to God for him to save me and
as undeserving as I am the Lord granted my request. This just happened in
12 Dec 2012. I still struggle greatly. I struggle with lusting after women,
and alcohol the most. I have given into the temptation of alcohol since Ive
been saved. I'm not saying I think drinking alcohol is a sin, but it is for
me because once i start I can't stop. I haven't been baptized yet, because
I'm waiting for it to warm up a little. I want to be baptized the closest
way I can to the way Christ was. So I'm going to get baptized in the creek
behind my Fathers church. I just wanted to share that with you because I
love listening to your ministry and what you do for the Lord is
indescribable. I also want to let you know how much the Lord worked through
you to get to me. Maybe if you remember shoot a prayer to Lord for me, I
need it, but don't we all. I thank the Lord for saving a piece of scum like
me, and I thank you for being one of the guides that led me there!

Jan 11, 2013

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