Brother Q,

It appears all hell is about to break loose, as the veil is being lifted, from the supernatural world into this realm! The boundaries and the rules of engagement that contain and/or assign demons to specific dominions; be it persons, places (e.g. , neighborhoods, districts, cities, states, regions, countries, continents, etc.), or things, seem to be unraveling and may no longer apply!

Many years ago, when I was not in Christ, I visited Japan the country of my birth, in admiration of false idols and dead gods in many temples of the non-living. Later that evening, as I was going into my slumber, I was attacked by a powerful she-demon! I yelled, I am an American, I don't believe in this stuff! I remember so vividly that the demon was almost laughing, as if it was amused with me and my pitiful response, as it left on its own accord. No encounters with that entity until now, 29 years later... my adult son is attacked by the same she-demon! I witnessed to my son of my sin, worshiping false idols and other gods before the GOD of I AM in the land of the dead from my youth! Then I equipped him for spiritual warfare and specific counterattacks, as led by the Holy Spirit, as well as my daughter, who is being stalked by another entity.

Then last night I had this bizarre dream: I was with a handful of people in the wilderness at dusk; however, I did not appear to be myself. A man appeared from vapor and the ground opened up! We went into the earth and I knew it to be the labyrinth! With each turn and twist, we went deeper and deeper towards the core. We walked by many surreal and macabre scenes! One thing I noticed was I was in balance, even though the labyrinth was engineered for just the opposite - unbalanced, with un-natural angles, and slants, a one-way funnel like lambs to the slaughter; however, demons could access this world from it! Then I noticed I was in a deep, deep portion, with what appeared to be several naturally beautiful women without makeup, perfect in proportion and skin without blemish, hair as silk, unclothed and lying on their backs as if in a trance. I looked down upon one woman and she reached out towards me, I thought to myself, why didn't I bind and rebuke all of this in the name of Jesus earlier, and at that moment boils covered her entire body and I was awakened instantaneously! I felt a familiar powerful evil entity from my youth over me, and in my recognition of it, it turned darker and heavier (300-400 lbs.) trying to crush me! I noticed my arms were already outstretched in the locked position and holding it at bay for what seemed a long time! I thought to myself, why are my arms and back not breaking! My spirit cried out Jesus and it was gone...

Strange times we live in brother, but we are made in HIS image, for HIS purpose, for HIS will, in these end days, in HIS timing - we will continue to fight the good fight of faith and run the race with endurance til the end for the prize, for this is who we are and what we do - to be about our FATHER'S business.

Love and appreciate all that you do brother, in Jesus name!


Apr 5, 2016

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