Pastor Lankford,
I want to send you this for several reasons but hopefully as an encouragement for you as well. I thank the Lord for your service to Him. In late 2007 I came across Steve Quayle; what a powerful testimony this man has for Jesus! It was his “preaching” that led me down a road of conviction and I realized that over the years I had slowly slipped away from the Lord. So subtle and so slow it was not recognized. It was then that I placed in my heart to repent and seek Him. During this time you had been doing sermons weekly on Steve’s radio show which is how I came to know you and your ministry. Through both you and Steve's preaching I came under conviction that certain parts of the “theology” I was raised under (Independent Baptist) did not seem to line up with God’s word 100%; mainly the rapture of the church.

I will keep this short as I know that I can’t fully express in these words what has truly taken place in my life and heart. Since 2000 I had been in several churches here in the Pinellas Co. Florida area and unfortunately found one thing in common; compromise. Most churches have all gone contemporary and to me contemporary = compromise. I did not want musical productions, modem songs and feel good messages, I was starving spiritually. I wanted good old time Bible preaching no matter if it did step on my toes; which is exactly what we need if we are deceived or lying to ourselves. Your radio ministry has been my spiritual blessing! I download your sermons and listen to them continually! This is not just a once a week sit and listen but at home on the computer, in the car on CD, at night before going to bed almost daily. Your sermons cut to the heart and help me in my walk to draw closer to Jesus. Since 2007 I have learned to fast and pray (something I was never instructed on) and have found that when I am feeling distant or like I am slipping in my walk, fasting and prayer “rescues” me and draws me closer to the Lord as well as having such a humbling spirit desiring to just be next to Jesus. His name alone instills a peace in me that I can’t put into words.

I know that Steve has said before that he has asked the Lord why he should continue to tell the people if the people will not listen. I know why the Lord told him to continue; because there are people like me out there that are listening; many of which have either returned back to their faith or received salvation from the preaching of God’s word. I am sure that there are times when discouragement looms around you, Satan trying to pull you down as well. Don’t Stop! The message is being received by those who are seeking the Lord, you are a blessing.

There are so many positive things that I have gained from the ministry of both Steve Quayle and yourself and I thank the Lord continually for you. You are in my daily prayers and I am committing to help financially support your ministry. I know that there are many more out there that have been blessed and spiritually fed by your preaching.

I will close for now but again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and Praise JESUS for your service for HIM.

Jan 24, 2013

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