WOW IS GOD WONDERFUL:I want you to know that I believe that God used your teaching to bring my brother Home to Heaven

.It seems good to me to share the story of my brother with you...

He was a believer in Christ from early childhood but for most of his years
did not choose to serve Yahweh.. for the majority of his life he chose
pleasure over godliness (there were extenuating factors that will make my
comments too long for this format)
Eventually he became addicted to cocaine and as his usage progressed he
became aware that he was being "haunted" by a "wolf-man" a being that had a
mans body and the head of a wolf.
He found that this thing seemed to have less control or influence on him
the less he used cocaine and near the end of his life he had a severe
break in his leg at which time he couldn't get ahold of booze, coke or weed
and was sober for a couple of months.. during those months he discovered
the true story of the Nephilim and the satanic agenda and the true nature
of the spiritual war this planet is in.. at some point he came across your
teaching and chose to join the battle and fight on the side of Jesus rather
than simply choose pleasure for himself.. his battle was short. and to
bystanders may have appeared ineffective but I do believe that he overcame
the wolf-mans influence and power...
The reason I am emailing you is this... It was YOUR teaching about the
Nephilim and the true battle we are in that made him choose to fight... and
I believe that he is in heaven with Jesus as a result of your teaching ...
after he had watched and listened to your youtube videos he began to be
adamant about forgiving those who had harmed him he was very vocal about
the spiritual battle we are in .. . He died about a year after he came
across your website and youtube video's but in that year he had time to
renew a right relationship to God... I want you to know that I believe that
God used your teaching to bring my brother Home to Heaven. And I thank you
for obeying God's command to preach the Gospel... not just the American
gospel.. but the Truth of the history of the world ... my brother was done
with the Americanized faith as it had no effect on his spiritual battles..
but your discussion of the Nephilim gave him an understanding of the demons
that he must have battled on a daily basis. Thank you very much for
speaking the truth and the whole truth. Thank your for being bold.
Alycia Johnson

Apr 22, 2016

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