Thule, Vril, Nazis, and UFOs, and Hollow Earth

Excerpts from: Allied Union, Thule Gesellschaft and the Vril Society [Page 1]

There are two secret societies that have been working in unison with Supriem Rockefeller. These are the Thule Gesellschaft and the Vril Society (Gesellschaft), and we will cover both here.

For those who know anything at all about how Hitler rose to power have heard about them both, because they influenced the political climate in Germany behind the scenes and were the forces that helped bringing The Fuhrer to power.

At that time, they wanted to usher in the 3rd Reich, where Hitler would be the leader. Although many of Hitler’s (and the Priesthood’s) goals were reached during WW II (the creation of the UN and the migration of Jews to Israel to mention two that they accomplished), the mission only took the Internationalists so far. Now it’s time to ring in the 4th Reich, which will be the final One World Government. The Fourth Reich is actually what they used to call it, but  Supriem has his own name for the future World Government he is trying to build....

The Thule Society (German: Thule-Gesellschaft), originally the Studiengruppe für germanisches Altertum ‘Study Group for Germanic Antiquity’, was a German occultist and völkisch group [group for the people] in Munich, named after a mythical northern country from Greek legend. The Society is notable chiefly as the organization that sponsored the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, which was later transformed by Adolf Hitler into the Nazi Party.

The Thule Society has, so I’m told, a huge base in Antarctica as well, which also is the place where the Priesthood takes their secret man-made UFOs into space. They even have plans to make Antarctica a sovereign state in the near future, a state outside the One World Government. The Vril Society, in control of Vril Power, and the Thule Gesellschaft are tightly interwoven. The Vril Society is actually the Inner Circle of Thule and they work with the U.S. Government and have done so since the end of WW II when German Thule and Vril members were secretly moved over to the United States in a project called “Operation Paperclip”.

This is not science fiction, but truly what is going on in the Inner Core of the Thule and theVril. Again, I need to emphasize to the reader that even if you don’t believe a word of this, it’s irrelevant. They believe it and have built at least two very complicated secret societies around it — and these societies are quite powerful and influential:

“The solar system Aldebaran has a sun around which revolve two inhabited planets that form the empire SUMERAN. The population of the Aldebaran system is divided into the master race of “light God people” (Aryans) and several other human races that had developed by negative mutation from the “God people” because of climatic changes upon the planets.

In 1938 a German expedition to ANTARCTICA was made with the aircraft carrier Schwabenland (Swabia). 600,000 km2 of an ice-free area with lakes and mountains were declared German territory, the NEUSCHWABENLAND (New Swabia). Whole fleets of submarines of the 21 and 23 series were later headed towards Neuschwabenland.

Today about one hundred German submarines are still unaccounted for, some equipped with the Walter snorkel, a device that allowed them to stay submerged for several weeks, and it can be assumed that they fled to Neuschwabenland with the dismantled flying disks or at least the construction plans. Again it must be assumed that since the test flights had been very successful some so-called flying saucers have flown directly there at the end of the war. Perhaps some may think these assumptions to be a bit on the daring side, but there are strong indications that it may well have happened that way.

There is a question why in 1947 ADMIRAL E. BYRD led an invasion of ANTARCTICA, why he had 4,000 soldiers, a man-of-war, a fully equipped aircraft carrier and a functioning supply system at his command if it was a mere expedition? He had been given eight months for the exercise, but they had to stop after eight weeks and high losses of planes undisclosed even today. What had happened?

According to the Thule and lots of other other independent researchers, another disc left Antarctica in 1945 with both Hitler and Maria Orsic on board. This craft was heading not for Mars, but for Aldebaran.

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