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In 1984, George Orwell wrote of a totalitarian society in which the government constantly revised history in order to make it conform to the claims of the ruling elite. Ironically, our own society has evolved into a similar system of rewriting history. However unlike that society described by Orwell, those rewriting our history have engaged in a much more effective and insidious process, with only a few hints from time to time to suggest anything might be amiss.

Most citizens in the West spend their whole lifetimes blissfully unaware that they have been fed a carefully edited view of the past, tailored to prop up the powers that be and keep humanity ignorant of their own past and the dangers that the past presents in the here and now.

Where Orwell’s Big Brother was overtly aggressive in his rule, today’s ruling elite are every secretive and hide behind various media outlets, scientific organizations, government offices, and secret societies. Their control is not infinite or complete, but it comes close with only those willing to self publish or post on the Internet generally being able to circumvent their control. Later in this book I will be outlining who these secret rulers are (and have presented a fuller picture of their secrets and goals in my previous books Genesis 6 Giants - Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient Civilizations, and Angel Wars: Past, Present, Future).1 In these books I’ve documented both how there is definitive proof of the existence of giants and other terrifying creatures both in the form of artifacts as well as historical accounts (echoed in mythology) and will also note how the physical proof is regularly spirited away and destroyed or quietly deposited in obscure museums and dark back rooms where the public is never allowed.

Little wonder then that giants, artifacts, and relics that show a very different history than what we have been taught have become relegated to the stuff of fairy tales and myths when, in fact, they are a part of our history. Those rewriting history, especially that of Native Americans, have done a good job of keeping the public in the dark.

The ignorance in which we have been left and the lies we have been taught, enslave us at the intellectual level and cause us to believe lies and falsehoods at the spiritual and religious level - which is just the purpose of the gross obfuscation of history that has taken place.

Ignorance of the truth often leads to their enslavement or even their annihilation. Conversely, the truth sets us free.

The truth opens our eyes.

The truth enables us to make informed decisions. Ultimately, it shows us the way toward freedom on both the physical as well as the spiritual level.

So, it is my hope as your read the following pages you will come to see the truth, to learn how history has been distorted, hidden, and fractured to hide the truth, and that ultimately what I am about to show you will make you free.

I also want to note that the term‚ "Indian" has often been employed to describe the aboriginal people in the Americas from the time Christopher Columbus touched land here, thinking he had arrived on the shores of India. Because this term is both a misnomer as well as often being perceived as a slight by some (though not all) Native Americans I will use the term‚ "Native American" throughout this book (using‚ "Indian" only in quotations where the original document has employed this term).

That said, I realize that‚ "First Nation" or‚ " indigenous peoples" might be seen by some as a better choice of terminology. However, because‚ "Native American" is now a more commonly recognized in the U.S. as the term for the aboriginal people of the Americas, it is the title I will use throughout this book. I use it with the greatest respect for these peoples and I apologize beforehand if its use offends anyone as that is certainly not my intent.

Before continuing to the first chapter, I should also note that many of the legends in this book have details that are at odds with one another and this may seem strange especially for those who are familiar with the Bible where all the stories basically ‚fit‛ each other without details about events changing from one writer to another in the books that comprise this sacred text.

Unlike the Bible, the various stories in legends often contradict each other even with the tales told by a single tribe. And often all are accepted as legitimate, rather than one or the other being rejected because its facts don’t fit those of another.

The type of thinking that allows this sort of contradiction is known as Janusian thinking. It is named after the Roman god Janus who had two faces looking in opposite directions. This mode of viewing things can accept the paradox of two stories that differ in their facts or two possibilities that might each be true, even though both are at odds with each other. Such thinking permits entertaining multiple perspectives simultaneously. As such may seem odd to many raised with the notion that there is always one truth, and anything at odds with it is wrong.

Of course, in the real world there generally is only one real truth, and things which contradict it are usually false. However, for the sake of exploring the legends in this book and to fully appreciate the underlying facts they can reveal to us, it is necessary to suspend disbelif for a time and enjoy each one as it is without worrying too much about the contradictions it may present at the moment.

Now, lets start our exploration that will help lift the veil surrounding Native American legends and see why the truth they reveal is so important - and why there are those in our culture that would prefer you never discover these truths.

1 Stephen Quayle, End Time Thunder Publishers, 315 Edelweiss Dr., Bozeman, MT 59718 2002, 2011.
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