Steve Quayle - Prophetic Words

Prophecy given to Stephen Quayle – March 2010

For as I live, says the Lord, the time for your country’s demise is at hand! When a nation sins against me to the degree that yours has, exalting wickedness and trampling underfoot the lives of the innocents as your nation has, I will withhold my hand in judgment no longer.

Since your unbridled lust and appetite for strange flesh and perverse abominations rise to levels not even seen in Sodom and Gomorrah, I will visit you in judgment to lay waste the land. Your food, water and air are poisoned, and the fountains of the deep dry up. Birds drop from the poisoned skies as the sea life dies and creation travails and groans under the weight of man’s sins and rebellion.

Yet the churches that claim to represent me who exalt man at the same time they trample underfoot the widows and orphans, the helpless and the needy, continue to spread a message that is not from me.

My Herald Angels have sounded their trumpets at my command, releasing my judgments on your blood drenched land! Just as Abel’s righteous blood cried out to me and I marked Cain his brother, banishing him from my presence, what shall be the outcome of your neglect and indifference to the slaughter of my heritage, my little ones offered up to the Prince of Darkness on the altar of convenience?

The warnings have ended, now the release. Fires raging, waves roaring, crops failing, your cities crumbling even as your hopes and dreams evaporate before your very eyes! You have foreign troops already within your country, poised to strike and destroy - yet you party on just as the king of Babylon did in his drunken stupor not knowing or understanding until it was too late, that his reign and life were over. So too will your nation experience its destruction so swiftly that you will be overwhelmed and speechless as your destruction falls like lightning.

Oh that the land your forefathers made with me in covenant would open their hearts and their eyes that they might see and incline their ears that they might hear. No longer will you watch destruction, death, and the horrors of war in distant lands as mothers hold their lifeless children or children their lifeless parents, but you will experience this firsthand. I say to you my people, you have the choice to be led by my Spirit to safety or be driven out of your comfort zone by the unfolding events of invasion, earth changes, famine, and all hell being loosed on this land that has turned against me, says the Lord.

Cry out to me; you have been bought by the Blood of my Lamb, Jesus, and see what great and mighty things I will do in you and through you.

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