Little Creatures

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Please Note: This Book is NOT for Children
Table of Contents

Introduction - 1
Chapter 1 The Source - 19
Chapter 2 Giants - 47
Chapter 3 People of Dana - 59
Chapter 4 There Be Demons - 77
Chapter 5 Demons and Dragons - 95
Chapter 6 Quicker Than the Eye - 115
Chapter 7 Biblical Stargates - 129
Chapter 8 Elves - 157
Chapter 9 The Evil of Elves - 185
Chapter 10 Dwarves - 203
Chapter 11 Fairies - 213
Chapter 12 Monstrous Creatures - .233
Chapter 13 Aboriginal Little Creatures - 249
Chapter 14 Little Creature Mummies - 267
Chapter 15 Aquatic Little Creatures - 275
Chapter 16 Goblins - 305
Chapter 17 Spirits - 335
Chapter 18 Jinns - 347
Chapter 19 Imps and Other Creatures - 365
Chapter 20 Spirit Lights - 373
Chapter 21 Weird Science - 385
Chapter 22 Science Fiction - 417
Chapter 23 Demons and UFOs - 433
Conclusion - 455


Included in this book are the answers to:

  • Why are some human beings being seduced today by evil spirits masquerading as various little creatures? And why is there a diabolical attempt to genetically engineer Chimera-like
    hybrid's (part human and part animal), possessed by evil spirits?
  • Why are more Hollywood stars embracing the Middle Age's sexual experiences with incubus and succubus demonic entities?
  • Where did the term “Lilith the Night Hag” come from, and what is the origin of the term “man eater” as it relates to the “terror by night” that Psalm 91 refers to?
  • How are the dragons and giants universally found in fairytales linked to Biblical creatures as well as supernatural monsters that seem to be reappearing around the world? Why are these
    monsters reappearing now after a long period of inactivity?
  • What is the true nature of little creatures, and why do they come in various shapes and sizes?
  • What did Jesus Christ mean when referring to the “Gates of Hell,” and how is this pertinent to us today? And how can we fight and overcome the evil coming through the Gates of Hell?
  • Perhaps most chilling of all, you'll read how little creature may be the “advance guard” for a coming attack on the human race, and how you can protect yourself and your family from the hellish existence these creatures have planned for mankind.

    And Much More!

    LITTLE CREATURES - The Gates of Hell Are Opening

    End Time Thunder Publishers Bozeman, MT
    The Gates of Hell Are Opening
    © 2015 by Stephen Quayle. All rights reserved.

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    Little Creatures like many other children in the world, I grew up with exposure to the fairy tales and legends found everywhere from books to cartoons to movies. On occasion, stories were also told around a campfire, very much like the first ones likely were in the distant past. Some of these tales were innocent,some were blood-curdling, but few were boring. Since then, I've spent much of my life digging like an archeologist into the truth behind the various legends, myths, and fairy tales of ancient cultures around the world. Often these stories feature various types of little creatures, often eerily similar from one period and geographical location to another throughout the world. Many readers may be surprised to learn that, until the last hundred years, a large segment of the world's population, including a large percentage of those in Western nations, believed not just in the supernatural, but specifically in real beings like elves, fairies, gnomes, and the like. As historian Carole G. Silver has noted, believers were not limited to gypsies, fisher folk, rural cottagers, country parsons, and Irish mystics. Antiquarians of the romantic era had begun the quest for fairies, and throughout Victoria's reign advocates of fairy existence and investigators of elfin origins included numerous scientists, social scientists, historians, theologians, artists, and writers.

    When belief Jesus and the supernatural falls to the wayside, it is often replaced by humanist belief systems such as communism, Nazism and socialism. Yet today we're seeing that the promises of man-made utopias and heaven on Earth were all hollow undertakings. The deaths of untold numbers of innocents were often left in the wake of nations that had the misfortune of adopting one of these governing systems after throwing Christianity under the bus. For that reason, I believe to understand how our world actually operates is essential for returning to reality. A return to the faith that offers mankind an insight into his existence is the path that must be taken, while abandoning those human belief systems that failed and are failing so miserably. This will enable us to regain sanity in our troubled world. The key to realizing how our world works, and the invisible powers and hands that operate behind the scenes to control us, comes with the acknowledgement that there is a supernatural world that operates within and alongside the physical universe. Once a person comprehends this, the scales can fall from our eyes so that we can see both the dangers that face us as well as the solution to defending ourselves from those unseen, supernatural threats. In my studies, I've found that if we look beneath the surface of myths, legends, and fairytales, prying away the embellishments and fabrications, we can gain insight to the reality behind the stories. This often yields an alarming glimpse of the unseen forces that battle to change the destiny of the human race.

    The same creature that tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is the one that still wants to destroy mankind, and is pulling the strings of most little creatures. Repeating Patterns Mythology and history regularly coincide when the embellishing facade of the story is peeled away to expose the truth. This is not surprising since many myths have been handed down for thousands of years, with some perhaps dating back to the days of Noah or even's still important to understand that many stories passed down as oral traditions are not as farfetched as they may seem on their surface. We've been conditioned by the various forces within our society to dismiss the notions that fail to uphold the various theories and beliefs that are in vogue. (And sadly, today many apply this attitude toward the Bible as well.) Consequently things like giants, which many of our ancestors believed in up until just a century ago (in part because they had access to proofs these creatures existed), are now scoffed at. The truth is that much of what many today believe unlikely or impossible is in fact not only possible be most likely actually happened. The key point to remember as you read the following pages is that a myth, legend, or fairytale is not the same as a modern day fictional story that has been created from whole cloth. These ancient stories are generally built around a kernel of truth which a culture held important and sacred. They passed it down from one generation to the next, a wealth of knowledge to be preserved. Each story is a treasure chest of knowledge waiting for us to open.

    Might the little creatures be a counterpart to giants then? It is a possibility that must be kept in mind, especially given the evil nature that is often seen with these creatures in the mythology surrounding them. That said, I most certainly would never ascribe supernatural origins, inhuman evil traits, or powers beyond anything that is normal to human being to those little people suffering from dwarfism that are seen in our modern society as well as throughout human history. When I write about “little creatures,” I'm addressing the supernatural characters in legends and fairy tales. Now let's take a look at the more common of these little creatures, the ones that are so prevalent in ancient stories...

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