Genesis 6 Giants

Journey through new worlds of ideas and discovery with Steve Quayle.
The legends, myths, and oral traditions about giants may not be so farfetched as you have been taught.
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Table of Contents

Part 1

Chapter 1: Creation
Chapter 2: Pre-Adamic Earth
Chapter 3: The Destruction of Angelic Civilization
Chapter 4: Pre-Adamic Science
Chapter 5: Angels and Giants
Chapter 6: Religions and Giants
Chapter 7: Once There Were Giants
Chapter 8: Giants in the New World
Chapter 9: Giants in Europe

Part 2
Chapter 10: Ancient Giants
Chapter 11: Giants in European Culture
Chapter 12: Early Sightings of Giants
Chapter 13: Of Warriors and Children
Chapter 14
: Royalty and Giants
Chapter 15: Giants & Body Snatchers
Chapter 16: Nothing New Under the Sun

8-1/2" x 11", 445 pp; Paperback - 2002, 2015

Preview of Genesis 6 Giants - Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient Civilizations

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I ask you to do only one thing when reading this book: Read it with an open mind. And by open, I mean that you will, for a time, suspend the notions (and — as I will prove to you in this book — propaganda) that you have been taught in school, by news magazines, and the majority of other outlets for the "facts" of science and history.

In doing this, you will discover that you are like the sleepers in the movie Matrix. You have been living a life in a dream world, where things are not as they seem. You are living in a place that has the truth hidden, substituting a series of carefully crafted lies to keep you permanently blinded, with the truth only having a chance to briefly surface from time to time.

This book will be your chance to see the truth, to learn what is going on behind the scenes, and observe the many telling facts that have been carefully hidden from your view. If you will read it with an open mind, you will be able to take the first step toward seeing what is really going on, distinguish the monsters behind the scenes who are attempting to keep the truth from being revealed about them, as well as gain an understanding of the ancient past and the ways it will affect the future.

Why must you keep an open mind as you read this?

Because like most of those reading this book, you have been hoodwinked by the established educational system, which by intent or by accident, has become the prime purveyor of the lies that make up the "party line" that keeps the truth hidden. This schooling has been so deeply ingrained in almost every educated human being that critical responses and objective views are difficult to come by. It is like wearing thick sunglasses that prevent seeing in a dimly lit room. Only by removing those glasses can one can see what's real, and in the process find the truth.

Because of this conditioning and training through the educational system, as well as the entertainment and news media, those hiding the truth have a very powerful tool: Denial. And often they don't have to employ it directly; like rats trained by electrical shock, we those indoctrinated by the system jump to attention and deny the truth when it's presented to them. Years of conditioning with the electric shock of scorn and derision have taught them to do this. Quite often, not only do they unknowingly participate in the work of hiding the truth, but because of their conditioning, they may even humiliate those who speak the truth.

This conditioning has filtered through the educational system for centuries, so that today's scientists, doctors, and historians are likewise victims of it. As I will document in this book, when confronted with the truth of history, artifacts, or fossils, they have learned to shut out the facts from their minds through their educational conditioning.

If that truth is too strong to ignore, then they may hide it from sight and attempt to forget. If they do not, they will quickly become the object of scorn and derision from their peers, resulting in a quick trip to unemployment as one of the "kooks" or "nut cases". Such has been the fate of similar men who attempted to have an open mind and register their second thoughts or reservations about the dogma of lies which they had been taught.

Thus, denial is the first tool trotted out. It is the typical "educated response" when a researcher, newsman, or scientist is presented with anomalous evidence and findings that don't fit neatly into the category of "containment." Likewise, today's academia is comprised of individuals living in intellectual boxes of dishonesty.

The Time of Change Is At Hand

For you and each person who will read this book with an open mind, that can change. For over years now, I have been carefully tracing, finding, and sleuthing the truth.

I started by investigating the origins of ancient civilizations: their builders, their myths, and their legends. Little by little, what I discovered prompted and provoked me to seek answers beyond the party line. As Henry Ford, the automotive genius of the last century, so aptly put it, "History is more or less bunk."

The Romanian-born French philosopher Emil M. Cioran put it even more bluntly when he wrote, "History is nothing but a procession of false absolutes, a series of temples raised to pretexts, a degradation of the mind before the improbable."

As I will show you, these men are not far off the mark (perhaps because they were often rubbing shoulders with those working behind the scenes to hide the truth). As you'll see, past civilizations were not the primitive collectives they've been portrayed as being in textbooks and in Hollywood. They were truly amazing; yes, even breath-taking. Far from the crude cultures they have been represented as, they held technology not only equal to that of today', but in many respects advanced beyond modern day technology. In fact, their skills and knowledge often defy "modern man's" imagination in how they achieved their more remarkable accomplishments.

Modern historians, of course, play a game of deny, deny, deny, coming up with explanations for these accomplishments that are nearly as amazing as the artifacts they try to explain away. As you will see, the explanations and dismissals are full of holes, for there is truth to the many stories that are now denied. What you have been taught to scoff at and dismiss as myth more often than not may be truth.

This is not that hard to prove, either! By simply looking at the ruins of the past, a person quickly discovers that the ancients constructed architecture that was so accurately positioned to "stellar and planetary coordinates" that only recently has modern science and computer technology been able to fathom the relevance of such positioning. (Indeed, some ancient constructions appear to have positioning that modern science does not yet understand.)

How the ancients were able to gain such knowledge with crude tools and the marginal math today's archeologists claim they had is impossible to explain. When not ignoring and denying, today's "modern sciences" develop very pathetic explanations and theories. Yet these remain as "facts" because those scientists and researchers seldom dare to suggest otherwise, less they find their careers at an end.

Perhaps the most startling thing about the ancient wisdom and understanding which you'll learn about throughout this book is that the calculations and knowledge behind them was not, as is the case today, dependent on computers for such computations. Instead, it seems entirely possible (indeed probable since instrumentation that would permit such calculations has never been found) the work was done in the heads of those creating the monuments and machinery.

The conventional view of ancient peoples is that they were dumb brutes. And the farther back in time you go, the dumber they must have been for the simple "reason" that human kind is supposed to be evolving into a better, wiser beast. Yet, as you'll see, the exact opposite may have taken place. Hidden in the truth is the fact that giants not only existed but most likely ruled and controlled lesser men due to both their physical as well as their mental superiority.

Think about this: The skeletal remains of individuals up to feet in height not only means that giants were big. It also means that they were likely smarter than human beings. With skulls (of which there are examples from South America and elsewhere) with three to six times the cranial mass of modern day humans, those ancient beings must have had mental abilities that would make Einstein's mind seem underdeveloped by comparison.

However, ancient people and giants aren't the only ones who created the artifacts and monuments of the past. As I will demonstrate, there is conclusive evidence that many of these ancient artifacts were most likely made by non-human technology and hands. Of course, such things don't fit neatly into modern thinking -- the thinking that today's culture is the pinnacle of mental prowess, or that today's technologies are superior to those of the past. Thus, they are denied, and those who consider such possibilities are quickly laughed out of the hall in which they present their facts.

Yet the truth remains: Those legends, myths, and oral traditions may not be so farfetched as you have been taught, and even would prefer to think. In fact, they may have at least nuggets of truth in them. That truth points back to a period of time, in the dateless past, when great civilizations flourished with scientific and engineering achievements (which challenge modern intellects) were then the norm.

I don't want you to just take my word on this — it is, after all, a hard pill to swallow, especially after the propaganda we have been fed from the popular media as well as the "facts" found in almost any science or historic textbook. Instead, I simply want you to read this book with an open mind. Do that, and I will provide you with enough evidence and background findings so as to challenge the official "scientific party line" and give you a set of mind-boggling exclamation points in place of the question marks you have when approaching these with only the conventional view point.

Grant me this, and then in the next chapters I promise I'll give you the answers to history's puzzles instead of the denials and fabrications that you have heard from your youth until you picked up this book (and which you'll continue to hear — but be able to recognize for the lies they are).

Now… It's time to commence the journey that will lead to this amazing revelation of the truth.

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