Prophecy given to Steve Quayle - Februray 6, 2011

Hear oh land of the broken covenant for I have a controversy with America!

I am against your plans to make war against my people and my land. Is it a small thing in your eyes for you to make war against me saith the Lord? You trust in the technology of the “Fallen Ones” and the hidden and secret weapons that you believe will keep you safe. Has it not dawned on you that as you study in your war colleges that betrayal and destruction have come from traitors within and armies without?

The son of perdition has been a liar since the beginning of time, and as all empires before you have fallen, littering in the pages of history so is yours. Your lives in an instant will flash before you. Repent and turn away from your evil schemes. Just as Judas sold my son Jesus out for thirty pieces of silver, so you have sold me out, For it is I the Living God who gave you the victories over your foreign enemies when you sought to preserve that which was Just. Are you so deceived and seduced that you cannot see the illuminated ones will utterly consume you and their promises will fail to give you your expected outcome?

I ask you a simple question. Who do you think bound the demons and the fallen angels,, that you seek so feverishly to loose in the first place? For it was I, the Living God out of the love for my creation (mankind) that bound them at the first time and will seal them in chains the final time. The promise of eternal life apart from me will not deliver you from my wrath and my judgments. And now I say, to my generals, colonels, and captains and all of those who still call themselves by my name-to the fighting men and women let not your heart’s be troubled. For I will strip the veneer off those who feign to serve me so you can see the evil one’s plans behind those who send you to your death. The time is at hand that you will have to do what I have put in your heart to do. You will have to resist the orders that have been given to you to destroy your brethren with all that is within your reach. I will lay out my plans clearly before you in dreams and visions and Holy Angelic encounters. For I the Lord will protect and provide for your families as you seek me in prayer and fasting and seek me with all your hearts.

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