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Any record or explanation of ancient astro-catastrophism lacking the inclusion of spiritual examination is premised upon the inaccurate.

"Mankind in Amnesia” has to do not only with the past, like my other books -- primarily it has to do with the future, a future not removed by thousands or tens of thousands of years, but the imminent future, on whose threshold we now stand."
- Immanuel Velikovsky on Collective Amnesia

BLACK SWAN, 2007 by Nassim Nicholas Taleb -

Critical keyword for 2011-2012: A Black Swan Event:
The impact of the highly improbable:

  • It is an outlier, as it lies outside the realm of regular expectations, because nothing in the past can convincingly point to its possibility.
  • Second, it carries an extreme impact.
  • Third, in spite of its outlier status, human nature makes us concoct explanations for its occurrence after the fact, making it explainable and predictable.
  • Black Swan - dormant DNA manifesting totally-
  • Black Awakening type events – totally unexpected based on past events EXCEPT and UNLESS familiar with Scripture -
  • Multilevel and multiscale tipping point - dark matter - dark genes - antigenesis
  • World of false peace or PIECE or world of fragmentation to be bound together artificially

2010: those were the days
A transformation began
Consider then the message from two of nature’s most exquisite representatives: the elegant swan and the fluttering butterfly (the monarch in particular). By appearances, the most unlikely of all to transform, the comely to the incomparable, and yet seemingly opposed to the laws of physics.

Message of Gabriel’s Fist:
A message communicated by a blow from the fist has no pretense of delicacy: seeing it coming can serve as a “wakeup,” as foreknowledge precedes it: precursor energy before actual impact, the effect will a it is served with intent and delivered with violence: a harbinger of strong judgment crashing through.

But is it more? “Fist” has linguistic roots in the German, “Faust.” The Chicago alternative rock band, Veruca Salt's "Wake Up Dead,” suggests a midnight stroll with Mephistopheles.
Mephistopheles, it is believed by literary scholars to suggest a derivation from the Hebrew Mephistoph, meaning "destroyer of the good,’ or possibly, a combination of the Hebrew words mephiz ("liar") and tophel ("destroyer").

Thusly, using four letters presents something far more than a judgment of Earth: Gabriel’s Fist is the point of initiation, a blow delivered for the purpose of transforming. The notion that the collective humanity is informed of risk at multiple levels affirms that it does not have to GO wrong to BE wrong, and a message from Gabriel to the transformer Mephistopheles, the Faustian bargain, communicates that the deal with the devil is heating up: and the gloves are off the fists.

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